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Danbury Metal Finishing
is pleased to offer industrial finishing to all government and trade    specifications. We are located in our own building employing skilled labor and pride our self in quality work, prompt service at competitive prices.
For further information please feel free to call, Warren Levy

Black Oxide Coating

Military Specification Mil-C-13924B


Purpose Black Oxide coatings are intended for corrosion resistance on moving parts that can not tolerate the dimensional buildup of other corrosion resistant finishes. The finish is also employed for decorative and  decrease in light reflection purposes.


Chemical Film Materials for Aluminum (Alodine)

Military Specification Mil-C-5541A


Purpose  Intended for use as a corrosion resistant film, to improve the adhesion of paint finishes and as a corrosion preventive film for electrical applications where low resistant contacts are required.


Electropolishing 300 Series Stainless Steel

Military Specification None


Purpose  To smooth ,brighten and clean surface of part by removing metal.


Hard Chromium Plating

Military Specification Mil-C-23422


Purpose  The coating is intended for wear resisting applications.


Nickel Plating Bright

Military Specification  QQ-N-290A


Purpose  Generally on industrial products for corrosion protection.


Passivation Treatments

Military Specification QQ-P-35


Purpose   To remove metallic surface contamination.


Phosphate Coatings, Heavy Manganese or Zinc.

Military Specification Mil-P-1623D


Purpose   For Corrosion resistance on ferrous metals.



Caustic Etch, Metal Cleaning and Degreasing, Buffing, Satin and Bright, Metal Stripping.





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